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MODE: /mōd/ (noun) 1. a way or manner in which something is occurs or is experienced, expressed, or done; 2. a way to get from here to there.

Mode Brewing & Kitchen is your neighborhood brewery and getaway nestled right in the heart of Orangevale. We proudly serve craft beer made using time-honored methods. If you're hungry, our kitchen (aka version 2.0 of our beloved Pasta a la Mode food truck) is ready to serve up exciting fare inspired by cuisines from around the globe. Come on over and let us get you in the MODE!


The Beer

Mode: A way to get from here to there.  

All beer was created with a purpose; whether it be to travel long distances like IPA or to skirt around laws forbidding yeast in beer like Hefeweizen, all beer was born for a reason. We brew our beer with that in mind. We take styles from around the world - Ambers, IPAs, Browns, Blondes, Porters - and use local ingredients to bring that rich history from around the world home to you, so you can taste the story in every sip.

The Food

Fresh pasta fusion for whatever MODE you're in!

Whether you're on the go, ready to relax, or need help preparing a home cooked meal, you've come to the right place. Feel like Mexican? Something with some Southern BBQ heat? We've got you covered. Our menu features local ingredients and a world of flavors to tickle your tastebuds no matter what mode you find yourself in. Every dish is made from scratch with love.

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The Getaway

Picture a 2,000 square foot patio shaded by beautiful sycamore trees with picnic tables peppered throughout, a game area, and a koi pond where you can feed the fish and listen to the trickle of water flowing from vintage beer taps over a water wheel. Picture an afternoon spent sipping beer, eating pasta, and listening to live music. Now that you've pictured it, come see it for yourself because this is the getaway we've created at Mode Brewing | Pasta a la Mode! A family-friendly, kid-friendly, dog-friendly, uniquely Orangevale community watering hole unlike anything you've seen in the area.

The Team

We are a family run business through and through. It is truly a labor of love for us and it wouldn't be possible without our amazing team.

In 2020, our fearless leaders Randy and Tracy Davis, launched Pasta a la Mode - a California/Italian scratch kitchen on wheels featuring handmade pasta, paninis, pizza, and more celebrating flavor profiles from around the globe. After the rapid and humbling success of Pasta a la Mode, Randy and Tracy were able to expand the business and realize their long held dream of opening a brewery. That is how Mode Brewing featuring Pasta a la Mode was born! 

Our team strives to take our passion for craft beer and good food and fuse them into one concept that elevates both elements. We take the world of flavors, local ingredients, all the love we have, and share them with you - our treasured community here in the Sacramento suburbs.

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